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What's New

  • May 2022 -- Several years ago I had all the reunion videos and other videos on our web site. They were all Adobe Flash videos. A few years ago, due to security issues, Adobe Flash was abandoned by Adobe and all Internet host providers. So, I had to come up with an alternative. That wasn't the only problem though. This web site and gallery also uses a programming language called php. I used to handle several web sites so I maintained my php programming skill. However, for the last 5 years I have only managed this website and I haven't kept up with the many changes that have been made to php. So, instead of going back to school to re-learn php, I found an alternative. Google Photos is the answer. Goggle Photos is easy to use, so I moved all of the photos from this gallery into it. I then found out that it will also take videos. I had to convert all of the Adobe Flash videos into mp4 videos. I have finally done that for all the reunion videos prior to our 2022 reunion.

    I'm ashamed, bummed out and sorry to say that I lost the videos and photos I took at the reunion in Albuquerque. As I was packing up the camera gear after the banquet, I took the SD cards out of the cameras and wrapped them up in a napkin and put them into my shirt pocket so I could get to work on the project before Smitty came back to Bremerton with all my camera gear. The memory cards didn't make it home, so I am hoping that they might be found at the hotel. I have offered a reward to who ever finds the missing SD cards at the hotel. I haven't heard back yet. All is not lost. Renay Dengel took a lot of photos. Her photos and photos from other attendees and some that I took with my phone are in the gallery. A BIG THANK YOU to Christina McGaughey for taking a group photo of the shipmates at ground level while Cindy Teare was taking the photos from a 2nd story balcony with my camera. The photos that Cindy took were in one of the lost SD cards. If you have any photos or videos that you took at the reunion, PLEASE get in touch with me at fc-webmaster[at]flamincaiman.org. I can edit photos, so if you have a photo that has some good and not so good images in it, I can fix it. Just tell me what you would like done.

  • January 14, 2020 -- The photo gallery is live. All the photos have been uploaded to Google Photos. I am now working on getting the videos from the 2018, 2016 and 2014 reunions into Google Photos and will place links to the albums on the Videos page. All the reunion videos Prior to 2014 are already on the Video page.
  • December, 2019 -- Our photo gallery recently suffered a catastrophic crash. The php software that processes these pages and manages the database was updated from 5.6 to 7.2. The update was necessary and mandatory to improve security of the web server. In addition, the free gallery software that our gallery has been based on, was abandoned by the developer several years ago and is not compatible with the new server software. So, as a result of all that your webmaster had to find another solution for our gallery. The solution is Google Photos. Google offers a free photo storage service that can be organized in albums and linked to a web page. So, I am currently re-designing the photo gallery pages to work with Google Photos. I will update this page when it goes live. Other sections of the gallery are still working as before. Enjoy!
  • If you've got any good Caiman Sea Stories, history, photos or videos to share, send them to me.

Welcome to the Flamin Caiman Gallery! Thanks to our many shipmates that have taken the time to send in their pictures, stories and even a few recordings and contribute to the USS Caiman history, we can really bring back the memories of our time on Caiman. The more we can drop into these archives, the more cob webs we can clear away and the more fun we can have at our reunions! The Gallery is a work in progress.

We have photos spanning Caiman's entire service from her commissioning to her transfer to the Turks. We've got images of the boat from the inside, outside and underneath. You'll see pictures of crew members on the boat and on liberty. Also, we have a lot of pictures of Caiman things like lighters, patches, qual cards, polly wog charge sheet and on and on. All in all there are over 1000 photos in the gallery. There's room for more!

Not only do we have still photos, we have videos. Several of our Shipmates managed to do some 8mm movie filming while on board and on liberty. You can see the efforts of their great productions right here in our Gallery.

You will really get a laugh from reading the many real stories. Stories of life at sea (as in sea stories) and stories of the crew on liberty or whatever. Nothing but the truth of course. If you've got a good one, we want to hear it.

Not only can you see and read things here in the Caiman Gallery, you can also hear sounds from Caiman. Most of these came from Greg Baer (Flamin Caiman Webmaster) who made a few tapes during the Wespac in '71. You will hear recordings of chatter on the 1 and 7mc and in the sonar shack and a few sonar sounds as well.

You can read all about Caiman's 28 year history in the history section including the WWII War Patrols. This was put together from many sources and will continue to grow. If you've got some info to help us fill in the blanks, please email us your information.

Got any thing to contribute to the Gallery? Please send it to the Webmaster.

Gallery Home  |  Photos and Videos  |  Stories  |  Sounds  |  History   

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