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Caiman Sailing List

We've been busy locating former USS Caiman Crew Members and building our Sailing List. Thus far we have verified over 1374 names on our list and it's growing every week. If you are a former crew member and not on our list please fill out the Profile form. and we will put you on it.

We need your help to find the rest of our shipmates. We estimate that there are some 39 of them out there that we haven't found yet. A lot of our missing shipmates are on the Lost List. This list is a verified list of shipmates that we have not been able to find. We are using information that comes from microfilm of the Ship's Diary that we purchased for the entire time that the USS Caiman served our country. The Ship's Diary has accurate information as to spelling and complete names.

Take a look at the Sailing List and Lost List and if you remember any names that are not on either we would like to know about it. Also, if you see a shipmate on the Lost List that you have any information about (even last known city or state helps), let us know about it so we can start the hunt. If you have any information to help us out send us an email. We really appreciate it!

To keep our Sailing List up to date we need you to notify us when ever your contact information changes. Just fill out the Profile form again and we will update our lists. If just your email address has changed, please go to the email change page and enter your new email address.

We have two versions of the Sailing List. There is an abbreviated version (without personal contact info) and the Master Sailing List which has all the contact info for each member. The Master Sailing List is for USS Caiman Association Members only.

Click here for the Lost Caiman Crew List >>> Lost List.

Click here to view the abbreviated version of the >>> Sailing List.

Here is a list of the Caiman Commissioning Crew >>> Commissioning Crew.

Here is the Captains List of the 20 Captains that commanded the Caiman through its 28 year history

The most important list of all is the Holland Club List. These are Caiman shipmates that are USSVI members that have been qualified in submarines for 50 years or more.

A complete up to date Master Sailing List is available to USS Caiman Association Members. If you are a member, send us an email request and we would be glad to send it to you. If you are a former USS Caiman Crew Member and haven't joined our Association yet, please visit our Join page and sign up.

Click here for the Master Sailing List (Members Only!) >>> Master Sailing List

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