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The Reunion is scheduled for May 6-9 2024
San Diego, California

See the new 'News' section of the web site for the latest News!

Welcome to the USS Caiman (SS-323) Association Web site.

If you, your husband or father served aboard the USS Caiman as a qualified crew member or officer you are invited to join the USS Caiman Association, a non-profit veterans association. Re-new old friendships and restore old memories from a special time in our lives by attending our biennial Reunions. Join our Association and receive a copy of our Master Sailing List with contact information of all shipmates that we have been able to verify and/or contact.

Our first reunion was in 2004 in Colorado Springs. Since then we have held a reunion every two years until Covid came along. We skipped the 2020 reunion. We have had a reunion in Flagstaff, Branson, Reno, San Antonio, Coeur d'Alene, Tucson and Little Rock. At each of these reunions we have had over 130 in attendance. They all have followed the same three day schedule Tuesday through Thursday during the month of April or May. On Tuesday we have a luncheon and on Wednesday we all go on a day outing somewhere on buses. Thursday night we hold a banquet. You can read all about our past reunion in our News section of the website.

So join our close knit community tour our web site and plan to attend our next reunion. To join our association head over to our Join page, and bring up the Join Form, print it out and send it in.

We need your help to find our shipmates. We have put together a Sailing List of Caiman shipmates that we have contact information on and a Lost List of Caiman shipmates that we have yet to find. These lists were put together from many sources, including official Navy records, various related websites and the memories and records of shipmates we have found. Take a look at our Unlocated Shipmates List and if you have any information on anyone on the list, like what corner of the world we should look, please let us know at fc-crew[at]flamincaiman.org..

Please be sure to fill out the Profile form. This will allow us to add or update your information on our Sailing List. A lot of us have moved or changed email addresses, phone numbers etc. Don't worry about your contact info getting out on the web. The info from the form is emailed only to one person that is putting the master list together. If your email address has changed, go to our email change page. If any other contact info has changed like your mailing address or phone number, please fill in the Profile form again.

Smitty maintains the Master Sailing List and Lost List. We update the public version of the Sailing List periodically. You can get the public version of the Sailing List and the Lost List right here. The Sailing List is a big file, so those of you with a dial up connection can go have a cup of coffee or two. You can also request the Master Sailing List if you are a member of the Association.

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Don't forget to bookmark this page. Check back often for the latest.

Please complete our Profile Form to get on our Master Sailing List. Click here.

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